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 The Gospel Music Channel has brought back the show Sue thomas FBEye.  below is the link to the site if you would like it.
I will be the first to tell you that I'm not a great writer. I love to use line challenges when I am writing my stories. I was wondering if there was any one on this site or reading this that would like to join me in the line challenge for STFBEye.

The rules of the line challenge are simple.
1) Any one in the story can say the lines. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE WHO SAID THEM IN THE SHOW.
2) The lines can NOT change. They have to stay the same way as they are posted.
3) The story can be any rating. It can be from G to M.
4) The story can be heat or slash. m/f or f/f or m/m.
5) You have to at the start of each story in the header say what lines your using.
6) More then one set of challenge lines can be used in each story.
and last but not least.
7) There is no time limit on the stories. (if you write one two months from now for a set of lines posted today that would be okay.) 

For an example.

The lines from False Profit.

Jack: I don't like you being in that place.
Sue I don't like it either.

The story could be about Bobby and Tara. Bobby ends up having to go to a bomb site were he is needed to disarm one. Tara might say she doesn't like him being in that place and Bobby tells her that he doesn't like it either.

Or maybe a Jack/Sue story but maybe set in the time frame of the ep. The New Mifa with Tony. Maybe Sue could say she doesn't like the idea of Jack being in that place refering to a store or place that they have to go with Dominic. And his answer could start with I don't like it either.

Or maybe the whole team when Jack had his heart attack. Some one could tell Jack they don't like him being in that place. He could tell them he doesn't like it eihter.

If this sounds like something you would like to do please let me know. If I am doing this post out of turn please feel free to pull it if need be. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please comment on good or bad idea.
 Title: Tear Drops
Author: Chymom
Beta: none
Summary: Jack finds a way into Sue's live with the help of some friends. Along the way Tara may find the man of her dream.
 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the stfbeye people. Teardrops on my Guitar.The song belongs to Taylor Swift.
Parings: Jack/Sue,  Bobby/Tara and the rest of the team. 
Authors note. I have written some fan fiction before but this is the first Sue Thomas F. one that I have written. Also this was written before I found Beta's so please over look some of the spelling. 

I have a few ideas for more stories so if any one would like to help me out in any way from betaing to helping with the grond work of the stories please let me know. Thank You. 


Tear DropsCollapse )


 As many of you know i was hunting Sue Thomas Fbeye. I found it on You Tubes. I aslo found many You Tubes that are based on the show. 

Sue Thomas FBEye                      Would be                                    Numb3rs
Jack (team leader ex sniper)                                                          Don and  Ian
Bobby (good looking second in charge)                                            Colby 
Tara (the computer tech)                                                                    Charlie
Lucy (the office aid)                                                                              Amita
Mils ( the Harvard grad)                                                                      David
Sue (the deaf agent who reads lips)                                               A cross of Liz and Charlie.   
D(is the married one that was acting supervisor )                        Megan

I have found a You Tube that I really enjoyed watching. I have asked Janea166 If it would be ok with her if I posted a link to her You Tube He is an angel.  She has given me permission  to do so. It is not a Sue Thomas FBeye but it does have alot of the actor who plays Jack in it. 

Here is the link for anyone who would like to see it. 


Slowly fixing up the community, info and all. Just if no one posts, it should look nice anywho.

Looks like you stopped posting for a while. Yeah I'm new too. What are the ratings of the fanfic allowed on this thingy?
Okay. I've been informed my last post is false, but I decided I'd leave it up anyway. Sorry about that. ^^
Okay, doesn't really fit with the comm, but I'm the mod so whatever.

Q: Recently, I watched CSI and an actor named Rick Peters was in it. He also is a regular in Sue Thomas: FBEye.He has an Australian accent on Sue Thomas but not on CSI. I was wondering if his accent was real?

A: Though Peters was born in Detroit in 1966, his family moved to England when he was 2. They lived there until he was 8, when the family moved back to Michigan. When Peters was 9, his family moved to Australia, where they lived for the next five years. Consequently, he has a bit of a mid-Atlantic or mid-Pacific accent.
Almost called the fic Dorian Gray. XD

Fic that I mentioned before. Still procrastinating homework.

Not Here for Trouble

fandom: Sue Thomas: FBEye
pairing: Bobby/Tara
prompt: 070: Storm.
spoilers: general. I'm thinking that Troy Story didn't happen, this did. XD
rating: Uhhh. PG13?
listen to: (if possible) Tears and Rain by James Blunt

summary: { Shed the clothes that become my skin } Tara gets caught in a thunderstorm. Probably as cliched as you think. XD

All pleasures the same: it just keeps me from troubleCollapse )

Okay. Now what part of that song didn't I quote? :P
Okay. So this community is really dead. And unfortunately, I have no new fic to post. But this is just a post to let you know that I still know the comm exists, and I'm thinking of ways to revitalize it.