Title: Tear Drops
Author: Chymom
Beta: none
Summary: Jack finds a way into Sue's live with the help of some friends. Along the way Tara may find the man of her dream.
 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the stfbeye people. Teardrops on my Guitar.The song belongs to Taylor Swift.
Parings: Jack/Sue,  Bobby/Tara and the rest of the team. 
Authors note. I have written some fan fiction before but this is the first Sue Thomas F. one that I have written. Also this was written before I found Beta's so please over look some of the spelling. 

I have a few ideas for more stories so if any one would like to help me out in any way from betaing to helping with the grond work of the stories please let me know. Thank You. 


Tear Drops

Sue had a long day of doing paper work. Most days at the office were long but when you only did paper work it made for a longer day.
 Sue was ready for a break. Deciding to call it a day Sue went to retrieve Levi from Jacks desk. Once Jack had left Levi went there to sit. When Levi saw Sue walking towards him he sat up and waited. "Good boy Levi. What do you say we head home?" I wonder what Lucy has been doing with her time alone at home. Sue thought to herself. Fixing her desk Sue locked the door behind her and left.

D had left a little bit before Sue thinking that some one was still coming back to the bullpen to be with Sue. But Sue and Levi had just passed by D and no one was with them. Jack will kill me and ever one else if anything were to happen to Sue. I wonder why shes leaving by herself. D thought to himself. "Hey Levi you all wait a minute ok?" D knew that to anyone passing by it would look fun for a grown man to be talking to a dog,but he didn't care. This was Sue and he would not let her leave by herself if he were here.

Levi let out a small bark and pulled on the leash to let Sue know that someone was talking to them. "What is it Levi?" Sue asked. "Hey D. I didn't know that you were still here." D was putting on his jacket. " I had to give the higher ups a report before I could leave. Why are you still here Sue?" Sue had been on a roll on some of the paperwork so she didn't want to leave when Lucy did D knew this. "I was on a roll on getting a few reports done. I just didn't realize how late it was."

"Do you need a lift home?" Sue didn't have her carShe had rode in with Jack this morning and had just remembered that. "Yea sure if we wont be keeping you from anything." D had to admit that he wanted to get home. But once again D saw an image of Jacks face when Sue was missing. If I left her and Levi here and something happened to them Jack and the guys would never forgive me. "No Sue your not keeping me from anything. Are you all ready?"

The trip to Sue and Lucy's apartment was done with little talk. In no time D was pulling up infront of the building. "Thanks D." Sue said. Levi barked and followed Sue up the stairs to their door. D watched to make sure that they got in ok before he left.

When Sue walked into the apartment Lucy was in the living room watching the tv. Sue noticed that she had been crying. Not wanting to upset Lucy more Sue asked her quietly if she was ok. Lucy was startled by Sue and Levis appearance but recovered quickly. "Yes, I am ok. I was just watching a video and it hit alittle too close to home is all. You are coming in late are you ok?" Sue just looked at Lucy trying to make surewhether she was ok or not.

"Lucy what song was it that made you upset?" Lucy was used to Sue getting right to the point so this was nothing new for her. "It was--"Lucy looked up at the sound of the tv. "It was this one Sue." Sue sat there and watched the video. It was Taylor SwiftTeardrops on my Guitar.

If Sue and Lucy could have read each others minds they would find out that they were thinking along the same lines. This song hit close to Miles and Lucys relationship. But its a headon hit for Sue and Jacks. Lucy looked over at Sue as she was watching the video. Then Lucy came up with a good way to get Jack to see Sue as someone he could love. Talking to Tara in the morning should do the trick

After the video Sue and Lucy had a quick bite and then went to bed. The whole night Sue dreamed of the video in one form or another. In one dream she was in highschool like the woman in the video was. In another she was at the office and still in another they were at her and Lucys apartment. The only thing that stayed the same in all of Sue's dreams were that she was in them all as the singer. Also that Jack was the Drew guy that the song is about. Sue dreamed alot about Jack so that was nothing new to her.

Getting to work fast and talking to Tara was what Lucy had planned for this morning. It didn't take Lucy and Sue long to get ready to go this morning. Lucy got into the office first claiming that she had a report to finsh fast that she just remembered. Lucy was actually typing a letter asking for her help on Lucy's latest plan to get Jack and Sue togather.

Tara came in shortly after Lucy , Sue and Levi. Turning on her computer Tara was about to ask Lucy about her email when Tara had an IM pop up telling her not to ask just read. So thats what Tara did. After reading the email Tara knew why Lucy had not wanted her to ask her about it outloud.

This is one of the best ideas you have had in some time for these two. Tara sent that back to Lucys computer. Lucy just smiled then sent backDoes that mean you will help me do that? Tara thought about it for a minute then addedYou know we should get Bobby to help us out. He could make sure that Jack is where we need him at the right time. Lucy looked at what Tara wrote and sent back, "Youre rightLets talk at lunch. Bring Bobby if you can. Tara shot a note to that reply fast. "Why should I ask BobbyIts your idea.Because Bobby will do any thing you ask Tara is what Lucy sent back.

Tara IMed Bobby asking him to meet her and Lucy for lunch. Bobby wanted to know why but said he would meet them. Tara was getting ready to type and tell Bobby why when Jack walked over to talk to Bobby. Luckily Bobby had closed the IM to Tara just as Jack was walking up to him.

Jack didn't see what Bobby,Tara or Lucy were doingTo him it looked like they were just doing work on their computers."Bobby what are you doing tonight?" Jack asked . "Nothing that I know of now mate why?" Jack had been seeing a woman for some time now but was not really wanting to keep seeing her. "My friend has a friend that needs someone to go out with us tonight. What do you say buddy Will you go with us?" Bobby had not been out for a while so he thought why not. "Sure mate. When do I need to meet you all?" Bobby and Jack talked some more till Bobby saw Tara and Lucy get up and get their bags. Bobby was right behind them a minute later.

Bobby saw the look that Tara was giving him like she was mad at him. "Tara are you ok?" Lucy was sure that Bobby was going to get his head bit off but Tara was nice and just said that she was fine. Bobby took the answer but was sure there was more to it then that. But knowing when to ask and when not to with Tara Bobby let it go.

"So whats this meeting about sheila's?" Tara was mad at Bobby but still went on to tell him about their plan to get Jack and Sue together. Bobby said that he would watch Jack tonight to see how he was around his new shelia. They all hoped that this would work.

The next day in the bullpen Jack walked in and started his computer while at the same timenoticing that everyone had on headphones but Sue. Sue was not here todayShe had a doctors appointment. There was a note taped to Jacks computer "Put the headphones onThere is a new progam that you need to look at but it is just for you to hear, nobody else." Not knowing what else to think Jack did as the note said. The first thing that came on his screen was a progam that Tara had made up for just this purpose. In the background of the program was the songTeardrops on my Guitar. Bobby,Lucy, and Tara all thought that if Jack heard it subtlelyit might make him want to dance with Sue at Tara's party when it played

Jack did the whole program then went on to his work not noticing that he had been set up. Tara waited till lunch time to ask Jack to come to her party. At first it was looking like Jack would say nobut then Bobby told Jack"Come on mate just cause shes out of town doesn't mean you can't have fun." Jack thought about it and then said to himself"What the heckIt will be better than sitting at homeWhy not.

"Sure Tara I will come tomorrow night what time?" Tara had planned to have it start early enough so that Sue and Jack could have the night to talk but not too early. Tara replied, "Around 6 tomorrow night Jack" With Jack now going to be there Tara and Lucy just had to get Sue there too

Sue was tired when she got home. She had been sitting in the doctors office all day. Lucy had supper ready when she got home. Sue walked in to find Tara and Lucy talking and eating. "Hi Tarahow are you tonight?" Sue asked Levi went to Tara for a pat on the head. "Give me a minute and I'll be right back" Sue said on her way to her room.

Lucy and Tara spent the night making sure that Sue would be there at the party. By the time that Tara left Sue was in bed dreaming of Jack.

The next day at work flew bySoon it was time for the party at Tara's. By 7 the party was in full swing. Tara thought that now would be a good time for her to play the songTeardrops on my Guitar. The song was a slow song. Bobby had been hinting at Jack for the last few minutes that he needed to ask Sue to dance. Jack had finally given in and told Bobby that he would ask Sue to dance the next slow song that was played. Bobby then gave Tara a nod that meant to play the song. Minutes later Jack heard the song come on. "Go on Sparky nows your chance." Bobby pushed Jack a little in the right direction.

Bobby then went in search of Tara. Bobby had knownfor some time that his feelings for her were more than friendship, but didn't know till now how much more he felt for her.

Just like Bobby, Jack knew of his own feelings for Sue. However Jack and Bobby neither one knew how to bridge the gap from being just friends to being much more. Bobby had an idea He was going to take things slow with Tara and let her see how much he loved her. Thats what he had told Jack atleast. When Bobby got Tara in his arms it felt like heaven to him. Later on Tara nor Bobby could tell you when they went from just friends to being an item but some time after their first dance was when it happened. It was not until a few more dates that Bobby and Tara shared their first kneeknocking kiss but here tonight on the dance floor in Tara's living room was the first time that Bobby's lips touched hers with a shock.

As for Sue and Jack tonight was the start of something more for them as well. Jack asked Sue to dance and Sue accepted. Jack was in 7th heaven with Sue in his arms. Sue was the same wayTo just be in Jacks arms was a dream come true. When the song ended Jack didn't want to let go. He didn't have to Tara had put the next 4 songs on as slow dance songs hoping that Sue and Jack would dance to them. The hope that Bobby would want to have her in his arms as well was also in the back of Taras mind.

Jack had danced most of the night with Sue. The music was loud enough for Sue to feel the vibration that the music gave off. The last song of the night was theTeardrops on my Guitar. Jack leaned over as if being pulled by some force to kiss Sue. The kiss was not one you would do with your grandmother. The moment Jack's lips touched Sue's the spark between them was more then anyone could have known. Sue surprised Jack by pressing herself up to him and kissing him back. Jack didn't stop kissing Sue till it got to the point that Jack knew if he didn't stop then he would not stop until he had satisfied every fantasy about the two of them that he had ever had.

Sue wanted Jack just as bad as he wanted her but they both knew if they rushed in to bed together the relationship would fail. Anyway Jack was still with the other woman although he promised Sue that he would leave her as soon as he could.

Sue and Jack eventuallygot together and their love lasted for years. When they looked back at how they got together they had to think of a song by a young lady, Taylor SwiftTeardrops on my Guitar was sung at not only Jack and Sue's wedding but at Bobby and Tara's as well.

The end