I will be the first to tell you that I'm not a great writer. I love to use line challenges when I am writing my stories. I was wondering if there was any one on this site or reading this that would like to join me in the line challenge for STFBEye.

The rules of the line challenge are simple.
1) Any one in the story can say the lines. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE WHO SAID THEM IN THE SHOW.
2) The lines can NOT change. They have to stay the same way as they are posted.
3) The story can be any rating. It can be from G to M.
4) The story can be heat or slash. m/f or f/f or m/m.
5) You have to at the start of each story in the header say what lines your using.
6) More then one set of challenge lines can be used in each story.
and last but not least.
7) There is no time limit on the stories. (if you write one two months from now for a set of lines posted today that would be okay.) 

For an example.

The lines from False Profit.

Jack: I don't like you being in that place.
Sue I don't like it either.

The story could be about Bobby and Tara. Bobby ends up having to go to a bomb site were he is needed to disarm one. Tara might say she doesn't like him being in that place and Bobby tells her that he doesn't like it either.

Or maybe a Jack/Sue story but maybe set in the time frame of the ep. The New Mifa with Tony. Maybe Sue could say she doesn't like the idea of Jack being in that place refering to a store or place that they have to go with Dominic. And his answer could start with I don't like it either.

Or maybe the whole team when Jack had his heart attack. Some one could tell Jack they don't like him being in that place. He could tell them he doesn't like it eihter.

If this sounds like something you would like to do please let me know. If I am doing this post out of turn please feel free to pull it if need be. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please comment on good or bad idea.