As many of you know i was hunting Sue Thomas Fbeye. I found it on You Tubes. I aslo found many You Tubes that are based on the show. 

Sue Thomas FBEye                      Would be                                    Numb3rs
Jack (team leader ex sniper)                                                          Don and  Ian
Bobby (good looking second in charge)                                            Colby 
Tara (the computer tech)                                                                    Charlie
Lucy (the office aid)                                                                              Amita
Mils ( the Harvard grad)                                                                      David
Sue (the deaf agent who reads lips)                                               A cross of Liz and Charlie.   
D(is the married one that was acting supervisor )                        Megan

I have found a You Tube that I really enjoyed watching. I have asked Janea166 If it would be ok with her if I posted a link to her You Tube He is an angel.  She has given me permission  to do so. It is not a Sue Thomas FBeye but it does have alot of the actor who plays Jack in it. 

Here is the link for anyone who would like to see it.