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I completed my claim for Myles/Lucy. It can be seen here:

PG, general spoilers

(ex: Blessing - Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, even now she wasn't quite sure)
Title: Rejection
Rating: G
Pairing: Howie/Sue (unrequited)
Episode: 105 "A Snitch In Time"
Summary: Howie's thoughts after Sue rejects him.
Word Count: 331

I was inspired to write this while watching the episode tonight. I suck at titles, so if anyone is better, I take suggestions.

RejectionCollapse )
Sort of inspired by rff.net Spring challenge.

Chance Of (rain)

Sue. Gen. G.

Going under prompt 5, Outsides for ff100Collapse )

So I wrote this. Don't ask where it came from. I want your opinion on it, and if it makes any sense other than to me. I think it'll be my entry for fanfic100, prompt 35, sixth sense. But don't let that stop you from reading the fic. It's more about dreams than any sixth sense.


summary: And she is flying, soaring. Into wedded bliss.

notes: I went for a certain style here, with the repition of And... and using only certain things to be described. This is Sue, and it clearly states more or less (in my mind) who she is marrying each time.

There is a haze. She can only make out little bits. Eyes, noses, hair color..Collapse )
I haven't written much STFBEye fic, but I've been getting into the show again lately now that I found out that it's been airing in reruns (does happy dance for being able to tape the episodes I missed the first time around!), and I was looking around and discovered this community. I wrote a Jack/Sue fic a while back, so I thought I'd share it.

Title: Every Moment
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Sue
Summary: Missing scene/tag for "Simon Says."
Spoilers: Major spoilers for "Simon Says."

Click for the fic!Collapse )
I'm in the process of changing up the layout, the userinfo, etc.

My PSP X trial is running out, and I made a header. It's sort of small, but I like the way it looks even though it was supposed to work with the s2 style 3 column, however I can't get it to work so...

Psst. It would be nice to have a comment!
Title: Death (I'm so creative eh?)
Fandom: Sue Thomas: FBEye (General)
Characters : Tara Williams, Lucy Dotson
Prompt: 030. Death
Word Count : 426
Rating : PG
Summary: Tara goes to a funeral.
Notes: So I broke my prompt promise which was to go in order. Oh well. Also, this is not a major character death. As much as I would have loved to write one, this was what popped into my head.

All my prompts (thus far) are separate, stand alone pieces.

My Damn Table.

Tara, she tells herself firmly, you are going to a funeral.Collapse )

I'm doing the fanfic100 backlog, screw the tag business.

fanfic100 STFBE: General, aka 100 bad!fics. -hides-

My table

Proof information/summary inside cutCollapse )

Cogs, information/summary behind cutCollapse )

Inside, information/summary in cutCollapse )

x-posted to fanfic100, stfbe_fic
I need help for fanfic100. I'm a crazy person and decided to do it in order of prompts. I had an impossible time with Inside(s), and while the story for Shape(s) has been rattling around in my head and writing itself, I cannot think of anything for the next prompt which is Outside(s)

Any ideas?
I am an angst queen. I lovelovelove angst. I have a softspot for character death fics, but every once in a while, I indulge teh fluff. (And the cesspool that is ff.net) I found a story there, Bobby/Tara, that is insanely fluffy but I love it anyways. It is now finished, and I'm rec'ing it, because if you have had a long day and want something sweet and mindless, here you go.

As I said, it is Bobby/Tara, which isn't my favourite pairing in the world, but it's not my least favourite either. Also, it's the first part in a trilogy. (Second part will be J/S I believe, the last M/L)

The fic is located here